breathing for healing iselfcreate.comHealthy breathing has been used by many people to restore health and even maintain a healthy body. Yoga is one example of the art of healthy breathing. It’s been used to clear up the mind and even to relax. Healthy breathing is now used to enhance the benefits of our spiritual healing.

Today, our life is fast faced. Stress has always accompanied our daily activities. We eat unhealthy foods and abuse ourselves with unhealthy lifestyle. We drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs and many other activities that can usually add up to the degradation of our health. Most of these lifestyle activities inhibit the flow of air within and out the body.

Oxygen helps us in burning energy and functioning in life. When healthy breathing is blocked by difficulty inhaling and exhaling oxygen or if the process of breathing in our cells, which is a transfer of oxygen from blood and transport of carbon dioxide from cells to blood, is limited; it may cause a lack or energy and even illness.

If oxygen flow in our body is restored, our healing power is enhanced. Our vitals organs needs a great flow of oxygen for them to work, so if healthy breathing is re-established, the normal functions of our organs are rejuvenated so it contributes to our holistic health.

In addition to that, healthy breathing can only restore our spiritual healing powers. Deep breathing purifies the energy in our mind. If this happens, you’re mind has increased it power to think. It also removes stress hormones in our body and specifically targets the stress hormones released in the mind. Healthy breathing that helps in spiritual healing is usually done through deep breathing exercises and meditation.

Deep meditation purifies the body and spirit to bring healing powers to the mind. Meditation and deep breathing also helps you become aware of your conscious and subconscious mind and you can use this technique to enhance the power of your mind. This technique helps you heal spiritually because of the increased oxygen flow in the body and decrease stress hormones to purify yourself and brings about awakening of our hidden powers of spiritual healing.

So to increased your healthy breathing pattern and in turn increase your spiritual power, just follow these simple steps.

Do exercise jumps while hands are placed above the head

This exercise will definitely have great results and your lung capacity is increased. Increased lung capacity means more healthy air is absorbed by the body. Jump with force and heavily in the mouth during jumps, and then inhale through your nose until your lungs are filled and do the process again. It will result to increased blood oxygen level to help you get more energy.

Meditate on your emotions

Meditating on your emotions may stir your breathing. Pock a quite place and meditate on an emotion you are feeling or wanted to feel. Depending on that emotion, you may laugh or cry or whatever you wanted to do after that meditation. Breath naturally during this process and this exercise will help you cope up sudden anxiety or stress because it specifically targets your central nervous system nerves and cells within it.

Breathe with your vital organs

This exercise will help you increased the levels of oxygen to your vital organs. Stir breathing by doing heavy deep breaths strong enough to involve your internal organs. This exercise may live you panting as you are doing heavy deep breaths. When you are doing heavy deep breaths, the oxygen level fro your body is diminished. This will cause your organs to react and work to compensate the loss. Once you’re done with this exercise, normal blood oxygen level is replaced and since your organs compensated, you’ll have extra oxygen levels within their system. This oxygen level will be used to increase breathing exchange within the internal organs cells.

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These tips are great and they can help you attract spiritual healing powers in your mind so you’re body’s health is restored and even maintained holistically.


building lean muscle mass womenWeight gain and losing fat has always been a problem of most women for years. No one live in this world not hearing their sister, mother or even a girl friend ranting or getting stressed because of getting fat. For the past 10 years, there was an unprecedented rise for fitness needs. These includes medications, supplements, medical techniques, healthy beverages and foods and an unending list of exercise programs.

We have always believe that gaining weight is bad but for most gym goers today, they are talking about how to gain weight properly. Gaining weight may also mean adding pounds of lean muscles. Lean body mass is the body’s composition without fat. This includes organs, bones, tissues and most especially muscles.

Gaining extra pounds of lean muscles in your body is positively significant, why? Because lean muscles help in your metabolism rate, prevents osteoporosis, helps you function more easily in your daily activities, helps prevent muscle sagging and maintains your internal organs functional.

More muscle mass, more calories your body burns. This is one basic and important role of having lean muscle mass in your body. It is considered as the body’s metabolic engine that allows you to burn more calories at rest. This basically means that the more lean muscles you have the more fats you burn. It multiplies the amount of your work out. When you train with weights or work on your major muscles, you transform your body from a moving car to a fat burning express train. Lean muscles also store less fat.

About 89 percent of all women over the age of 75 have osteoporosis. This is a leading cause of fractures and even fatalities. Lean mass helps strengthen the tissues and muscles in the back and all over the body thus helps you in having a great posture. Furthermore, part of being a woman is to be beautiful and having a well toned body increases the chance to prevent muscle atrophy or muscle drooping. Having a tight appearance is a plus factor for having a beautiful and healthy looking skin that could attract millions of men.

If you have a lean body, it gives energy to carry out day to day activities and thus help you live your life to the fullest. There is smoothness in your moves that attracts men and generates an air of confidence. It helps retain strength and increases strength as well. In addition, this may also lengthen your life. Since our organs are made of muscles, a lean muscles mass helps in making sure our internal organs and functional and healthy. Most people that died due to “aging” or “natural causes” is caused by muscles atrophy.
Overall, having a lean muscle mass is a way to a healthy and a happy life. More and more women are realizing the importance of packing on lean muscles on their frame because of the known benefits it can provide. So next time you think about how to loss fat, why not think on how to gain lean muscle mass?

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